This picture is of a 1906 bridal shower in Watkins MN for Millie McCarthy and Jack Vossen at the Ehlers Home owned by Michael Becker. Esther Catherine (Old St. Anne's Pass) was a niece of Millie McCarthy.... Jack and Millie had three children. Two children, Rose and Rita shared stories with this author regarding Old St. Anne's Pass. Esther Catherine said that many of these women in the picture were members of the Prayer Group as mentioned in this chapter, "Prayer Ceasefire." 

The faces from left to right are Mrs. Chas Ehlers, Mrs. Nick Schills, Mrs. Peter Schwartz, Mrs. William Ehlers, Mrs. Frank Brigham, Mrs. Esther Courtney, Mrs. P.H. Weber, Miss Mary Ethen, Mrs. John Kennedy, Miss Celia Ethen. Back left to right. Mrs. M.J. McCarthy, Mrs. Johnny Keilty, Mrs. Ira Daniels, Mrs. Albert Anderson, Mrs. William May, Miss Mannie Greenwood, Mrs. Annie Olson, Miss Lena Schills, Mrs. Max Hilderbrant, and finally at the last right, Mrs. Michael (Mary) Becker. Two of Mary's (McCarthy) children are buried at Old St. Anne's Cemetery. She was married at the Old St. Anne's Church. One child of Mary and Michael, that died at birth, was named after her brother in law Mathias Peter of Old St. Anne's Pass.. That child, Mathias William, is one of her two children buried at The Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery...

Carty Ma standing second from the left.
Millie McCarthy Vossen with close niece Esther Becker Age 12
Mary Francis McCarthy Becker Far Right. She organized the Prayer Group for decades.