Old St. Anne's Pass
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          "A Demon Named Pearl"
A Demon Named Pearl  is a book about a woman from the Yunnan Province in China born in 1850. Her village migrated to Hong Kong due to starvation. Pearl and her mother were sold in Hong Kong for $35.00 each and the money used to sail her father and brothers to San Francisco.
Within months of her slavery, Pearl escaped and stowed away to America in search of her father and brothers. After a stay in San Francisco, Pearl headed for the Sierra Nevada's. At the foothills, she fell in love with a man that tought her to be a gunfighter. Pearl left him to continue the search for her family.
Pearl ended up in multiple gunfights as she made her way to Old St. Anne's Pass Minnesota where she was reunited with her family.
This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota as well as the Minnesota Historical Society Museum in St. Paul.
Photos courtesy Calif Historical Society
James Hill
Photos Courtesy MN Historical Society.
Above Diag Courtesy NeilPeterson.com Final railroad upper right is St. Paul MN. This was the trail of "Pearl" to find her family in the 1870's.
"A Demon Named Pearl"

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