Old St. Anne's Pass
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The Broken Sacrament  -   
Old St. Anne's Pass legend suggests that the confession of Mary Surratt to The Benedictine Priest was broken for so many people to have known about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln before it happened. Although none were directly involved, settlers knew any mention of this to authorities would result in their hanging. The Benedictines were missionaries and did nothing but help people. Regardless of their perfect record of guidance and service to everyone they came in contact with, The Benedictine Priest could have been excommunicated for his sin. It was a deal he made with God that created a shroud over him. Settlers knew that the shroud was cast so that any mention of his name in connection to Abraham Lincoln resulted in the sudden death of a Priest. 
As The Benedictine Priest made his journey away from Washington City, he was consumed with evil. He knew he held information that if shared, could save the life of a president. However, by doing so he would be excommunicated from the priesthood only to become a lost soul. What he did, was all he could do. He made a deal with God, and thus was able to live out his mortal life in peace. His mortal life to be erased, and his soul to repent and serve God for all eternity.
There is no official record of The Broken Sacrament, and no church authority to validate it ever happened. This chapter is simply documentation of another Old St. Anne's Pass legend. 
To read the complete story of The Broken Sacrament, please visit the Stearns historical society museum.  

Right Picture:
Swamp Of Bones
If you look through the trees (right of center) on the hill was the Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery. This was the original burial site of The Benedictine Priest involved in The Broken Sacrament.
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