Old St. Anne's Pass
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The Battle Of Souls- 

Violent Events That Changed Old St. Anne's Pass 

For the early settlers of Kimball Minnesota, there was hate between the faiths. Protestant secret society groups burned the Old St. Anne's Catholic Church repeatedly. A young Catholic boy named Mathias Peter watched the horror on his mothers face as they ran to put out the fires. He became possessed with evil and vowed to make the guilty pay for their actions. As he grew into his teens, he became a killer. He hunted down all those guilty of church burnings and committed horrible acts of prairie justice. Mathias Peter died from injuries he received in a gun battle on August 20, 1892.

This chapter also covered the death of The Benedictine Priest on April 14, 1886. As Johann carried his body and all his effects out to Old St. Anne's Pass, the Devil came for his soul. A sky of angels came in and a massive battle irrupted over St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids. This battle destroyed the town of Sauk Rapids. It is because of this battle that the Sauk Rapids High School mascot is known as, "The Storm." This battle continued on a path coming to an end in Sullivan Lake.

The chapter picked up during the Armistice Day Blizzard of November 11, 1940. The Devil again came for souls in The Stone Chalice, and a massive battle consumed the skies over the area. Reports suggest that over a million creatures were sacrificed in the battle ranging from livestock to waterfowl. Hunters couldn't find enough bullets as they hit a duck with every shot and sometimes two with a single shot. This was because the ducks were running away from a biblical storm that took everyone by surprise. Those same hunters froze to death standing straight up like fencepost in the swamps. The soul of Mathias Peter returned as he boarded a freight train at Old St. Anne's Pass loaded with evil. The train collided head on with another passenger train in Watkins and the Battle Of Souls was engaged!

To read the complete story, The Battle Of Souls, please visit the Stearns Historical Society Museum In St. Cloud MN. USA

ABOVE:  Grave of Mathias Peter Beckers - Mathias Peter was buried in Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery. Originally his mother, Elizabeth, told folks he died of illness such as TB. Shortly after his death, she erased him from the family Bible. He was buried outside the lines of the cemetery. His siblings passed down to their children that he died of wounds he received in a gunfight due to the religious unrest. It has been suggested that due to his life of evil, Mathias Peter was moved - so that his true corpse 
will not be found
(Picture taken By Dan Becker)
AT RIGHT:  Grain Elevator - This was the site of the train crash on Armistice Day 1940. You can see the train tracks below the grain elevator. 
(Picture Owned by Dan Becker 
from Mary Eileen Becker / Spoden).
ABOVE:  Armistice Day Blizzard - On the morning of November 11, 1940, the soul of Mathias Peter boarded a freight train loaded down with evil. It headed straight toward a passenger train coming down from Canada full of innocent hunters. The Souls Of Old St. Anne's came out to save the passengers as the two trains collided head-on!  
Note: Within An Enlarged Picture Above, Some People Can See Two Demon Hunters. Center/Left Looking Under The Train
(Picture taken by Wendelin Beckers / Mary Eileen Becker / Spoden. Given to Dan Becker).

Right: St. John's Minnesota
Below Left : Watkins Minnesota location of train crash during The Battle Of Souls.
Below Right : Safe Inside Grasshopper Chapel Cold Spring Minnesota.