Dear God

All My Life My Prayers Have Been For Others 
I have Not Prayed For Myself Until Now 
Although I Have A Place To Sleep, I Am Homeless 
I Have Been Fighting This Illness 
I Have Found A Way To Accept The Pain  
I Can Not Survive Without A Home 
I Am Unable To Work And My Bills Have Mounted 
If It Is Your Will That I Walk The Street, I Accept Your Will 

                               YOUR LOVING CHILD 
                             Old St. Anne's Pass 
Where Homeless Souls Can Find Peace

These Two Pictures Are Of A Homeless Disabled American Veteran. The Abandoned House, Was Not His House. He Stopped In Front Because The House and These Two Pictures Represented His Life At Many Levels. Everything In The Pictures Had Meaning In Multiple Ways. This house has been demolished and the man homeless. Prayers and dreams.
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