Old St. Anne's Pass
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The Milestone Bar -   

This chapter is about the events at a bar 1 mile from Watkins (Meeker County) in Stearns County. When Meeker County went dry again in the 1940's, the town bar owner built a bar one mile away (named The Milestone Bar) in Stearns County on MN state hwy 55. Forces of evil took over and strange things began to happen. Eventually, the bar owner died in the basement. 

In terms of spiritual symbolism, this chapter is about a Demon that lived under the Bar. The souls buried in the Old St. Anne's Cemetery became Demon Hunters of The Stone Chalice. This is an area that stretched from Old St. Anne's Pass all the way up to St. Johns and St. Benedicts. The Demon Hunters of The Stone Chalice were called out to put an end to the Demon that was haunting The Milestone Bar.

The bar owner, "Hib" was best friends with Frederick William (Of Old St. Anne's Pass). At some point, Frederick William left for Washington City, and the Demon took his place. Frederick William wanted to be with his friend Hib as much as Hib wanted Frederick William to be hanging around. The Demon looked and acted exactly like Frederick William while he was away in Washington City.

To read the complete story of The Milestone Bar, please visit the Stearns historical society museum.. 

ABOVE:  House of Michael Becker Watkins - The powerful Demon that was living under The Milestone Bar slithered beneath this house. (Picture taken by Michael Becker).
AT LEFT:  Michael and Mary Becker Watkins - 
This couple had two children buried at Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery. They were also the parents of Frederick William and Esther Catherine. (Picture owned by Dan Becker).
ABOVE:  Old St. Anne's Pass - This picture was taken on Minnesota State Hwy 55 next to The Milestone Bar. Left to right: Gilbert Michael, Michael, and Frederick William. 
Two sons with their father. 
(Picture owned by Dan Becker).
ABOVE:  Washington City - While the powerful Demon haunted The Milestone Bar, Frederick William was away in Washington City. Mary Eileen in the back, wife Nell on the left, and son Michael on the lower step. 
(Picture owned by Dan Becker).
ABOVE:  Mary In The Bathtub - This shrine was built by Frank Turner and Frederick William in 1961 as a shrine to The Stone Chalice. At the time of this photo, it was located on MN State Highway 55 just east 
of Watkins.
(Picture taken by 
Dan Becker).
Michael Becker Laid At Rest - This was the obituary from 1950 written by Esther Catherine. In terms of spiritual symbolism, Michael encountered the Demon in his home (pictured above) just prior to his death. His children are listed here. Michael has hundreds of descendants alive today. 
(Picture owned by 
Dan Becker).