Mogadishu To Minnesota

Old St. Anne's Pass Book Collection Is Now Complete At 75
"Oath" was a story about a chance encounter in St. Cloud Minnesota. 

Mogadishu Somalia In 1993, A young boy was recruited to fight in exchange for food. During the night of the October 1993 incident with American Soldiers, this boy fled the city and eventually the country.  He survived many years of near death in refugee camps. Now in his 30's, this man of peace - was trying to live a normal life in St. Cloud Minnesota. That was until a local US Vet recognized him from a 1993 photograph and together they relived the nightmare all over again. 

ABOVE: Somali Cafe St. Cloud Minnesota 2011 -Front View

BELOW: Somali Cafe St. Cloud Minnesota - Side View Into The Back Where The Interaction Between The Two Men Started
ABOVE : Map Of The October 1993 Incident Involving American Soldiers In Mogadishu Somalia. It Was During The Night That The Young Somali Boy Took As Much Food As He Could Hold And Ran From The City. He Survived Against The Odds Of Murder, Refugee Camps & Starvation. Now In His 30's, He Thought He Finally Arrived To A Peaceful Restful Home Until A US Vet Recognized Him. Suddenly, They Both Went Back To 1993
ABOVE: Rear Of The Somali Cafe In St. Cloud Minnesota Where The Interaction Between The Two Men Took Place. 

RIGHT: Painting By Bela Petheo In 2010. Acrylic On Canvas. 24x18. Titled "Disgruntled Soldier." The Vet In The Painting Recognized The Somali Man From A 1993 Mogadishu Photograph And So It Happened All Over Again.
To Read This Book And The Complete "Old St. Anne's Pass Book Collection," Please Visit The Stearns History Museum In St. Cloud Minnesota.