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     "Peace Teams"
Peace Teams  Are made up of non-violent individuals that most often form an international peace team. These peace teams set up in areas of conflict hoping to prevent future violence. This book is about multiple peace team missions as well as about the life of Rev. C. Peter Dougherty.
These people actually believe all conflicts can be resolved without violence and they go to any length including their own death. A young man, with no political view, finds himself in the middle of a demonstration. Readers will learn his view on the non violent peace teams.  
This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota as well as the Michigan Historical Society Museum in Lansing.
Peace Teams 
is about the life of 
Rev. C. Peter Dougherty
Above: Peace Team mission in middle east. 
This above photo represents only one of the countless Peace Team missions carried out by the
Rev. C. Peter Dougherty.
Picture courtesy The Associated Press.
Above two Pictures: Victoria Vopicka and Charles J. Vopicka.
Left: Vopicka Family. Rev. C. Peter Dougherty's Mother, Helen, is standing far left.
Rev. C. Peter Dougherty is the Grandson of US Ambassador Charles J. Vopicka. 
Vopicka was Ambassador to the Balkans during World War 1. Rev. Dougherty felt his Grandfather did everything he could to promote peace and put an end to war.