Re-writing this book was a charismatic spiritual journey through World War 1

This book blended the journey of Charles J Vopicka to the 1999 united nations actions in Kosovo that included a trial of the Momcilovic family. 

The great grandsons of Charles J Vopicka and the Konopiste Spy were united in 2012 bringing a century wide story together.

Old St. Anne's Pass
          Book Collection - Now Complete At 75

Secrets Of The Balkans
This Author, The Great Grandson Of Charles J Vopicka, Has Re-Written His Book
Above - Charles J Vopicka
US Ambassador To The  Balkans During WW1

Below - German Kaiser Wilhelm II
Above - Momcilovic Family On Trial In Kosovo 1999-2000

Below - Dragutin Dimitrijevic Head Of Serbian Intelligence. He Took The Information From The Konopiste Spy And Ordered The Assassination Of Archduke Ferdinand In 1914.
King Peter Leaving Serbia November 1915 

Konopiste Palace. Location Of The 1914 Secret Plot Between Sophia And Kaiser Wilhelm That Ignited WW1
Germans Enter Bucharest    In 1917

Archduke Ferdinand & Sophia On June 28, 1914 In Sarajevo.  
Left - The Tower In Gjilan Kosovo 1999 Turned Out To Be An Important Site To The Momcilovic Family Trial.

Right - Three Members Of The Momcilovic Family On Trial In 1999-2000 Kosovo
Right - 
Charles J Vopicka Was A Childhood Friend To The Konopiste Spy. 
Together, They Risked Everything To Help Hatch A Plan That Ended World War 1
It was through international attention, of a single incident in Kosovo during July of 1999 that the Konopiste Spy was rediscovered. The "Secret" connection between the Konopiste Spy and Charles J Vopicka became alive once again through their grandchildren. This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota as well as at the 
Minnesota Historical Museum in St. Paul.