Link Is a two minute thirty second video that shows a section of the chemicals that were on display. These chemicals impacted teen learning, behavior and the school environment. This short video was actually the tail end of a presentation done by Dan   Becker in Brainerd Minnesota 2021
Pictures are samples of items in the display. Below are pictures of sections to the display. School staff had a chance to view all the items so they knew what to look for. The presentation will include new warning signs and symptoms helpful to the staff. 
Pictures demonstrate some of the items used during the presentation. These items were used briefly to help staff better understand new warning signs and symptoms in the students. This presentation was appropriate for staff that worked with grades seven through twelve.

Please scroll to see the images below!

This high energy fast paced two hour educational prevention presentation 
ended in March 2023. 

A few videos were made of this presentation. Future historians may conclude it was the number one substance abuse prevention program in the world at the time. This two hour prevention program was the seed for what was needed going forward. The illicit synthetic drug world was tiny until 2008. Less than 1% of all illicit drug use was synthetic. Starting in 2008 synthetic compounds in energy drinks, anti energy drinks and mixing them with alcohol was raised from less than 1% to mainstream. Also in 2008 three compounds were well lined up to ignite the Illicit synthetic drug world that of JWH-018, HU-210 and MDPV (Bath Salts). The first two sold as synthetic marijuana. Synthetic drugs had a gradual increase until early 2021 when the borders of America became wide open to drug traffickers. Synthetic drug use exploded. By the end of 2022 83% of Americans knew someone that suffered from synthetic drug use. At that time, the primary substance was fentanyl. Mixing and matching synthetic drug compounds became the battle of infinity. All users were both customers and test subjects at the same time.

Going forward, the best substance abuse prevention models were built on the foundations from this program. Learning specifically how new illicit synthetic substances impact the brain chemistry is now essential to the prevention of all drug abuse.
If You Have Teens 
This Information Is Important.