A Ghost Named Esther  About a haunting. The soul of Esther was unable to move on due to her unwillingness to let go of things she had done and mistakes she made during her life.

Born in 1894, Esther was baptized at Old St. Anne's Church. As a baby, she attended the funeral of Pearl. Through this book, Esther tells the story of her life in hopes of moving on to the next world.

This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota.

Left: Esther
Right: Baby Esther 1895
Below: Esther Church Ceremony
Left:   Esther's Brother Clem
Right:  Small baby Esther and three of her siblings. Clem top. Sis left and Rene right.
Left: Esther's Grandmother Elisabeth Beckers.

Esther cared for her Grandparents during their final years of life. 

Right: Esther and her sister Rene.
Esther was once engaged to Rushseba and called it off. She went on to regret that her entire life.
Left: As a child from 1899 to 1912.. Esther worked in her father's store located on the main street.
Below: Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery in the trees. Esther attended Pearl's Funeral in 1894
Left: Esther's brother Clem suffered in multiple ways throughout his life and Esther blamed herself.

Old St. Anne's Pass
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                      "A Ghost Named Esther"
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