Above Left - Cake to celebrate the success of the                                   Above Right - Cocaine Airfield Colombia
Bogo School Safety Report.      

Below Left - Cocaine Airfield Colombia                                                     Below Right -  Location of interview with a Cocaine                                                                                                                                             Farmer and a Synthetic Drug Manufacturer

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Bogo - A Synthetic Drug Story
Bogo was a word used to describe unknown synthetic drug compounds. People that made synthetic drugs often knew the compounds they mixed together. However, to the general population of synthetic drug users, they had little understanding of what compounds were mixed together to create the drugs. In an emergency, central Minnesota youth said they used Bogo
This book followed a synthetic drug manufacturer to Colombia South America. The author interviewed the manufacturer and a cocaine farmer to understand the past, present and future.
This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota
Left Picture . 
Students that created the Bogo School Safety Report in St. Cloud Minnesota District 742.
Left - United States Embassy In Colombia  South America
The Bogo School Safety Report was put together by students from grade levels 7-12 using language simple enough for the 7th graders to understand.  Click the link to read the report.