Old St. Anne's Pass
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Calvary Hell - 
A story about how the souls of six oriental (Chinese) railroad workers buried in the Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery came forward to save The Stone Chalice and Old St. Anne's Pass. These six souls built tunnels under the city of St. Cloud as part of a plan to destroy a powerful evil force. Old St. Anne's Pass legend suggests that it was divine intervention in the spring of 1965 that caused the most massive floods recorded in area history. Calvary Hill is the location of water towers that supply water to the city of St. Cloud and thus lives depend on Calvary Hill (The name of the hill from which Jesus Christ died on the cross). 
The six oriental railroad workers were buried at Old St. Anne's. They died in the 1870's as the railroad was going through. They suffered illness, and Elizabeth cared for them until their death. They received proper burials with wood markers. In terms of spiritual symbolism, this chapter gives honor and respect to the impact they had on central Minnesota. 
Due to improper care for the cemetery and farm tilled land closing in on the graves, the remains of these six souls are likely lost forever. Regardless, they are truly respected and will not be forgotten!
Calvary Hell is a charismatic story of commitment, sacrifice, and intentions. Sometimes it can take years to destroy evil. We need souls willing to dig deep under individuals and cities in order to create a path for cleansing, healing, and salvation. It is dirty work. Sometimes it needs to be done quietly without being noticed, and other times it can be done under a free spirit. This chapter demonstrated that through such actions and commitment, God will provide salvation!
To read the complete story of Calvary Hell, please visit the Stearns historical society museum.
AT LEFT:  The Stone Chalice -This is the path out of The Stone Chalice taken by the six oriental railroad workers as they headed off to the Calvary Hell mission. The picture was taken from behind St. James Church of Jacob's Prairie. There are two children playing on the grass below.
(Picture taken by Dan Becker).

Demon Hunters Of The Stone Chalice
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