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The area around the current Mississippi Lofts at 107 North Benton Drive is haunted. This is the area of a closed livestock slaughter house. The front door was a ramp to the basement where the livestock were moved down. Once this building was closed for slaughter, it remained open to vagrants, homeless and lost souls.

Everett was the original Mississippi River transporter. He ran a raft with lines across the river before the first bridge. He was also the first central Minnesota assassin. 

Protestant community leaders greeted individuals that were new to the area. They then sent undesirable individuals seeking jobs to see Everett with a message. If they were told to go to the site of the current Benton County Fairgrounds and ask for George Cooper, that was the Q for Everett to murder them. 

These Protestant men were part of an original secret society called The Ghosts Of Cooper. Lake George and Cooper Avenue are named after this secret society. This group has frequently been revived in the area when changes needed to be made or traditions to be protected. 

Everett occupied the lands that eventually became the Benton County Fairgrounds. He slaughtered cattle and murdered individuals on this property. He dragged their remains down Searle Street to the river and dumped them in the water. 

Everett himself was eventually murdered in a gruesome manner. He was chopped up in his cabin home on the site of the Benton County Fairgrounds. He proved to be no match for the first serial killer in the area and so the fairgrounds are haunted as well.

​For more information about this story go to the Stearns County Historical Society Museum and ask for the book titled, 
                               "The Lost Soul Everett." 
By Dan Becker
Haunted St Cloud Sauk Rapids Story
Mississippi Lofts Sauk Rapids Minnesota
Searle Street , Benton County Fairgrounds
Haunted St Cloud & Sauk Rapids 
Benton County Fairgrounds
The Ghosts Of Cooper Secret Society
Lake George , Cooper Avenue
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Pictures Below Are Of The Former Livestock Slaughter House. Now Area Of The
Mississippi Lofts 
In Sauk Rapids Minnesota
Old St Anne's Pass Book Collection
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This Story Details 
A Haunted Area 
Due To Murders
& Slaughter House
Activity Many
Years Ago