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              "Tin Man" 
The Wizard Of Somalia
Tin Man is a book about a young boy raised at a refugee camp in Africa. His family ran from a violent Somalia before he was old enough to remember anything about his homeland. While in the camp, an American relief worker managed to show a film one night called, "The Wizard Of Oz." This boy loved the film and identified himself with the Tin Man.

The boy eventually arrived to St. Cloud Minnesota and somehow began a friendship with a school counselor. When the counselor was a young boy, he played the role of the Tin Man in a school play. The counselor also identified himself with the Tin Man.

Through this bond, these two worked together as the boy struggled with his wish to return home to help reclaim Somalia. This book can be found at the Stearns History Museum in St. Cloud Minnesota.
Right:Wilson School St. Cloud Minnesota

Left:Tin Man 1979

Below Right:Wizard Of Oz School Play 1979

Below Left: 1978 Wilson School Play
Above: St. Cloud Times 2-28-2009 Farhan Hurre

Right: Newsweek 2-2-2009 Sheik  Abdirahman Ahmed 

Far Right Bihi Hassan his 17 year old Nephew went back to Somalia?
Above: StarTrib 3-12-2009 
Headline: Newsweek 2-2-2009