Old St. Anne's Pass
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Cove: Bavarian Spells - 
The Cross And Medal Of St. Benedict comes as a result of Bavarian Spells. The Benedictines of St. John's mainly came from Bavaria. Symbols taken from the Monastery of Metten (In Bavaria) that protected the people against evil spells cast against them are on the Medal. This is the most used Cross and Medal in exorcisms throughout the world. This story placed the Cross and Medal of St. Benedict to the test in 2004 / 2005. 
Through a Bavarian Spell, the Demon Cove was set free from his stone coffin under Calvary Hill in St. Cloud. He initially began attacking innocent life in The Stone Chalice which included Old St. Anne's Pass. Utilizing the charismatic Christian beliefs of Old St. Anne's Pass, the author and his family came under attack by the Demon Cove. After a series of haunting and serious physical injuries, the author sought help from a Benedictine Priest. With this spiritual guidance united in faith, the power of the Cross and Medal of St. Benedict put an end to the Demon Cove.
As a result, Cove was once again trapped by a Bavarian Spell cast against him. 
For the complete story of Bavarian Spells, please visit the Stearns historical society museum..
           Crosses and a Cornfield
Cove cast a Baverian Spell that set him free from his stone coffin. He made a deal with the Devil to harm a servant of God. Although The Stone Chalice was empty, he attacked it anyway. As he attacked the bloodline, angels came in and swooped the innocent souls to safety. Cove was hunted down and trapped once again. (Picture by Dan Becker).CLI
ABOVE:  Bavarian Spells - This house is located in St. Cloud Minnesota. The members living at the house came under attack in 2004 / 2005 by the powerful Demon Cove. They sought help from a Benedictine Priest. They put the Cross and Medal of St. Benedict to the test against the Demon Cove. Front left window was where the mother fell receiving traumatic injury to her leg. The 8 year old son was flipped head first from his bike off the stone embankment. A county prisoner escaped from a law enforcement vehicle as it passed the house, and images appeared without warning... These spells and others are detailed in this chapter. 
(Picture taken by Dan Becker). 
ABOVE:  Braun Intertec Truck - In legend & spiritual symbolism, the orphan Cove claimed to have been the unborn son of Adolph Hitler. That meant his mother was Eva Braun. Cove was trapped in his stone coffin under Calvary Hill promising his mother would one 
day come and free him. It was Braun Intertec of St. Cloud that set him free as they ran soil tests for the new water tower atop Calvary Hill.. This is 
detailed in the chapter.
(Picture taken by Dan Becker).